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18 Aug 2002: Born Again Intersect

I got pretty fed up of doing Intersect by hand. I wasn't happy with the HTML either and some of the aspects of the design were really beginning to bother me. After the success in creating my other web site that covers software development, I become convinced that I could exorcise some of these demons.

Here, then, is the all-new Intersect. There are some cosmetic changes, such as the graphics and appearence, but the way this site works is different to the previous version of Intersect. The main page now displays the most recent updates to the site; if you're looking for something particular, you'll have to travel to the archive to find it. I think you'll find this site easier to use, as it's been built around updates rather than trying to categorise everything appropriately. Also, the site will now be that much easier to update and hopefully you'll get more out of me. Previously, it was an effort to get an update out to the world, but now site maintenance is a heck of a lot easier.

There are a couple of negative changes, as a result of making the site easier to maintain. You may notice there are no previous/next buttons in a sequence of pictures and the back button always takes you back to the home page. It's possible I'll be able to solve these problems later, but for now I'd advise you to learn to live with it.

Anyway, feedback is encouraged. Over and out.