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09 Oct 2002: All Good Things

Being made redundant wasn't a complete surprise. After seeing other redundancies pass me by, I knew that this time I wasn't going to be so lucky. So late in September, I became a full-time jobseeker. Let's be honest, it's not like I was thrust into unemployment without having done any research; I'd been planning to leave for some time already. Tokyo is a difficult market (hey, where isn't right now?) and it's quite a struggle trying to establish any footholds.

The current plan is to see if I can get myself a new job in Tokyo while I'm still financially healthy. Things would be easier for me in London, but I'm not really ready to return just yet... of course, if things don't seem to be working out then obviously I'll have to make a call at some point.

I have another Japanese exam in December so it would be a good idea to knuckle down and get on top of this whole language thing while I've got free time. My initial priority, however, is to find a job, so Japanese is not getting the attention it deserves.

Incidentally, after being laid off, some people have been known to lose their cool. They don't go out, preferring the darkness and isolation of their own apartment. They eat nothing but junk food. They don't change out of their bedclothes for days on end, neither do they feel any need to shower. Fortunately, I did all these things before I was made redundant so no-one can tell the difference!

Last month was certainly exciting and I have the pictures to prove it. Below, you'll find pictures from yet another trip to Disneyland and the goodbye party for all those leaving Wilco Tokyo (although a few blasts from the past showed up too). I have also chucked in an extra photo of Studying Joel just to prove that I'm not just watching TV all day.