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16 Mar 2003: Learn Java in Seven Days

Confession time: I currently have no life. Having a new job brings with it all sorts of interesting challenges - new culture... new environment... new technology. Keeping up with this new influx of information is no mean feat, and something had to give. That something has turned out to be life, at least for the time being.

There are other influences at work here, not just the job. Time was given up for a number of other complicated tasks like my Japanese tax return which was ultimately simple, but I spent many sleepless nights deciding what "domicile" meant in Japanese law. My visa application was no picnic either, especially as they moved from Otemachi to Tennozu Isle. After getting the hang of the Otemachi Immigration office, I wasn't exactly happy that the Tennozu Isle office layout was completely different. Oh, joy. I also don't understand the penchant that Japanese government agencies have for bureaucracy. I don't want to understand either.

It helps that work at BGI is interesting stuff and these last couple of weeks have left me quite breathless. For example, one week ago I had never programmed in Java, but by the end of Friday, I had pretty much completed a heavy rewrite of a Java program that I have somehow ended up owning. It's not as big an achievement as it might suggest, as knowledge of both of the languages C++ and VB.NET has meant I've done a lot of learning already - although I'm still completely confused by how Java treats strings. But that's enough technical stupidity. I thought this year's personal target was to master VB.NET, not Java...

This won't continue indefinitely and I promise to get a life later. Honest. More technical confessions on Wander, as I finally put a new article up.