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15 Sep 2003: Death of a Loved One

A moment's silence is necessary as my graphics card passed away recently. The enjoyable and important memories we shared together are all I have left. Still, it could have chosen a slightly more convenient time to kick the bucket. I've been working, for want of a better word, long hours for the last couple of weeks. This particular definition of long encompasses weekends, which means that when my graphics card went to silicon heaven (after all, where do all the calculators go?) I had precious little time to mourn or grieve. Although I'll be honest, I didn't even know it was the graphics card when the PC died on me. Not the most graceful death for one so dignified.

The King is dead, long live the King. A new shiny nVidia 5900 graphics card has now entered my life. It has a fan bigger than the turbines on a jumbo jet, but thankfully not as loud. I really wish, though, that Valve had told the world that ATI had an outstanding lead over nVidia 2 weeks earlier then they did. Thanks guys, great timing. Just in time for me to kick myself.

I am happy that this year's summer in Tokyo has turned out to be mild. It's incredible how comfortable it's been. After last year's descent into urban Hell, I had steeled myself up for another season of tropical humidity. I've hardly been able to use my shades, and wearing shades is mandatory in Summer. Seriously, I haven't a single complaint.

Book Corner! I read Alistair Cockburn's Agile Software Development and Writing Efficient Use Cases. They capture some pretty interesting ideas (such as the point of use cases being requirement discovery which I had noticed but not quite crystallized into a full-blown realization) but I did feel that they were attempts in trying to teach the unteachable. Because both books stop short of prescribing methodology - a decision which I agree with - they then feel like a long highly-generic "suggestion". I was a bit bored, like the books were not doing enough for me.

Also read Patrick Thompson's Execution Plan, the main character being a loser who plays computer games all the time. There are even a lot of references to Wales thrown in for good measure. And I wonder why someone bought this for me.... thanks. Anyway, it was an interesting read, if not the best book I've consumed.

I've recently found myself wanting to write fiction again. I've been resisting the urge, because I just don't have the time. There's probably only so long I can resist... damn, I'm going to fail that exam again this year...


RIP, Sept 2003.