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28 Jan 2005: One Down, One To Go

The interview fairy godmother stopped by our flat again this week. We were then surprised that the interview was followed by an offer of employment. That's right, folks, one of us has got a job.

Aki starts work at Cantor Fitzgerald spinoff eSpeed next Wednesday. In an interesting twist of fate, Aki is working in the same building where I started my own financial software career - One America Square near Tower Hill station.

The most important consequence of this will be my inevitable transformation into a lonely, sad soul next week. I will then ponder life's great mysteries alone, such as how Aki got a job before me in my home country. Alternatively, I could simply file this one under a suitably xenophobic heading of "foreigners stealing locals' jobs" or the delightful "wife beats husband".

Bonus Pictures

A couple of pictures have been posted this week on the Japanese web log. You can find pictures of A Package from Japan (Jan 26) and Aki Returning From Interview 2 (Jan 27).