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28 Mar 2005: Own Devices

While I have been interviewing, Aki has been getting on with her job and is currently in Tokyo for eSpeed. She will be back in a couple of weeks, hopefully with presents from the Hyaku En Shoppu. However, I will also be busy soon as I will be starting a contract at JP Morgan Chase.

Let me clear up what's being going down on the job front. I had been hacking away at front office/quantitative finance positions, which a number of Tokyo colleagues had pointed me in the direction of. However, enough was enough and seeing as things weren't working out, I broadened my job horizon. There were then interviews. Interviews are not without dangers, though, and have killed many good men and women. Let me cite an example. I wore new shoes to one interview, giving my heels a real workout. When I bade the interviewer farewell, the nerve endings in my heels all began to scream as I stood up. The interviewer never asked about my tears on the way out.

A lot has happened in the last few weeks. An Easter Egg hunt was held in the Thames Barrier Park next door, I stole all the eggs and balloons and left the children bawling. I didn't meet up with Andrew Cook again, a colleague from BGI Tokyo, although I tried. I got a new pair of glasses plus a backup pair for good measure. Aki and I have now been married for a year. Over on Electron Drift, I wrote a three-part article on building a PC. Sega are making "Shadow the Hedgehog" which is Sonic with a "bold new twist" as the lead character brandishes a gun (no no nooo!). We lost Dave Allen, but the Pope is still with us. Perhaps Alastair Campbell is the architect of the Pope's health problems as "Pope Not Dead... Yet" is the lead news article every single day, meaning millions of viewers switch channel before we get to see those Iraq War stories. Jamie Oliver earned a lot of respect with the ordeal he put himself through on Jamie's School Dinners.

Lastly, who needs a movie guide when you have the Celebrity Nudity Database to help you decide what film to watch? The gift of the internet makes such exciting new endeavours possible.

Bonus Pictures

You may not be able to read my Japanese web log but who cares? You can look at the pictures!

Culture Corner

The Incredibles was pretty incredible. As for The Anniversary which we saw in the Garrick Theatre, I admit it had less impact on me than the film with Bette Davis. The audience burst into laughter after, well, every single line, which seemed to lend the play a farcical, slapstick quality.

Mental Tech Book Corner

I've worked through the Practical Issues in Database Management by Fabian Pascal. It was a good book and likely to spawn an article on Electron Drift. For the first time, I really know why I don't like SQL which I had moaned about during a previous Electron Drift article.