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31 May 2005: Exercise This

Dedication, conviction, obsession... key ingredients for success in the things you strive for. Not enough. I want more from my day, overcome procrastination and achieve more, faster. I'm not talking about for work, I'm talking about life. Health is another parameter in the equation and it is one I have never managed to tackle well. Vegetarian I may be, but this is no watertight guarantee of safe passage into life's twilight years.

In the last couple of months, I've been editing habits as part of a larger project to build a better lifestyle. When I returned to the UK last year, I found that British food portions were just too much for me. Now, worryingly, they seem just fine. As an example of changes, I cut chocolate completely out of my daily routine because, being a serious chocoholic, it was having a negative impact on the figures each month from the waistline department. The first few days were quite tough; constant chocolate cravings defied my stomach's challenge that it had eaten enough. Now, the cravings are well under control and chocolate is relegated to special occasions and freak happenstances. I also tried cutting out of coffee, but then my world became grey and dull. We all need a vice or two.

I've made it to about thirty sit-ups a day and I'd like to go higher. I am still a shambles when it comes to push-ups though. I've tried jogging a few times in the morning but I still suffer from a problem that is known to medical experts as Not Going To Bed Early Enough. I am gently encouraging my body towards a 6am start, however each weekend sees progress demolished as I am compelled to watch tacky programmes such as Hammer House of Horror on ITV3.

The important events for the month of May follow: my first pay cheque arrived, a welcome change to see my bank balance go up instead of down; I started to warm to the new series of Doctor Who, although I still have no theories as to the continual appearance of the phrase "bad wolf" in the series; I got bored with RSS feeds, continuous data stream overload, I want out of the matrix; some love the illusion of Gene Kelly breakdancing Singing In The Rain in a Golf GTI advert (see it online if you haven't already) but I find it creepy - reminiscent of that most disturbing of videos, Aphex Twin's Come to Daddy; went to Reading to visit the old place and meet up with a friend known as Peter and, more recently, as Dad; did some exploration of Docklands environment looking for potential sites to relocate to.

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Afflicted Corner

Took longer than I expected, but finally completed my descent through Albert Camus' The Plague. The story concerns a town that is experiences an outbreak of bubonic plague and that pretty much sums it up. We see how different characters perceive the plague, what it means to them and attempts to make sense of it all. The tragic truth is that it does not make sense and there is no purpose to its indiscriminate reign of death; but the town's inhabitants are human and have no option but to try to understand it. The reactions and thoughts of each character over time is revealing and interesting. The book impressed me several days after I had finished it; I realised that the book had been a unique experience. It asks many questions, questions that have no answers.