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22 Jul 2005: Unnecessary Evil

surrender some of civil liberties, by having more email and phone taping/deporting people who are here illegally

our security services should be issued instructions to remove these people wherever they may be by whatever means needed, fight fire with fire

be alert and report suspicious activity

surely they must have seen the thousands of londoners marching in protest against the war

three passenger trains have collided in southern pakistan, killing at least 120 people and injuring hundreds more

the significant ways in which al qaeda has evolved since 9/11

mobilise moderate muslims

had not been a victim but may have perpetrated the bombings mr ahmed broke down, saying: "we have lost everything we have"

mosque was empty at the time of the fire

britain is a nation of tolerance

we need to make islam more suited to the western concepts of freedom and democracy

it was not too long until they referred to "american and english" actions against "our brothers and sisters in our countries"

at least 26 iraqis, almost all of them children, have been killed by a car bomb in south-eastern baghdad

they've chosen the wrong turf to start a fight

those like president bush and tony blair, who have sought to link iraq with the so-called 'war on terror' can hardly be surprised when members of the public draw the same link

muslim man has been beaten to death outside a corner shop by a gang of youths