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27 Nov 2005: Global Frequency

At last the moment has come. I have been preparing since April. I have watched two anime series, Evangelion and Lain (review next month), read several volumes of the manga Monster and have been through a number of textbooks. I don't feel ready, but I never feel ready. I do, however, feel like I'm in with a chance. I may actually pull it off this time. I may actually pass.

As most of my time has been dedicated to the Great Preparation recently, I have very little to offer of myself this month. The eviction is behind us and we have moved on. There is the small matter of our deposit and costs that our ex-landlord owes us and we do know that he has managed a stay of execution: whether he will hold on to the property is not clear. Anyway, the important thing is that we don't feel like victims. Overcoming adversity always gives you an adrenaline rush.

Aki's mother came to stay with us, her first visit beyond the shores of Japan. As my life is so completely utterly devoid of excitement at this special time of the year, I have stolen a few of Aki's photos from when she went a-wandering with her mom.

Of Note

Started taking Omega-3 supplements which seem to have to injected some sorely-missed energy back into my stride; when I couldn't find vegetarian hot dog sausages anywhere after finding some decent rolls to slip them into, I went absolutely crazy and shot right off the map for a couple of hours seeking my pink treasures - I eventually found them at the Beckton Asda; don't be amazed that people are willing to sign away their civil liberties simply because they don't identify themselves with the eventual victims of the resulting policies, I'm glad you feel safer now, hold my hand; I turned the channel over because I didn't realise that the presenter in "Honey We're Killing The Kids" was actually going to say to the parents, in classic Kilroyesque style, "you're killing them."

Bonus Pictures

You can't read it. You can't even eat it. But you can see my Japanese web log.

Serenity Corner

I was a latecomer to the televisual gems of Buffy and Angel, originally writing them off as Teen TV fodder. Since this conversion, I have been watching Buffy creator Joss Whedon's movements.

He moved into a science fiction setting with the ill-fated Firefly which was cut cruelly short after only eleven episodes had aired; several other completed episodes would never be aired. Sometimes the story ends here, a la Crusade; sometimes it makes it up for one last gasp of air. Once the series was released onto DVD, with all of the completed episodes intact, the DVD sold surprisingly well. So well that Joss Whedon was able to swing a movie deal - the movie Serenity.

Honesty is always my strong suit and I will admit here and now that I have not seen a single episode of Firefly. But Serenity was fun. As with Buffy and Angel, you are shown something you think you have seen before, but the execution is completely different, fresh. The Serenity universe also has its own interesting mismash of cultures, giving it character. A lot more fun than those three films that embarrassingly tarnished the good Star Wars name in recent years.