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26 Feb 2006: The Open Season

I closed down one my web projects last month and I forgot to let you in on the secret. Electron Drift was a fine idea in principle but I never felt that it was aligned closely enough with what I really wanted to do; neither was it aligned with anyone else's interests either. And the web planet is over-populated with developer monkeys who have Something To Say, looking for a self-validating infusion of inbound traffic. You like me, you really like me! Okay, I get it already, you don't need another one.

Our evil ex-landlord finally lost possession of the flat. What this means for getting our cash back I don't know, but surely there must be a moment for laughter and celebration here.

It is interview season. A new interview preparation approach I have been trying out is to go through my CV and write down every single question someone could conceivably ask. For example, if you wrote, "once developed death ray execution algorithm using Python and Java" people could well ask questions such as "how did your algorithm work?" and "was it efficient in terms of number of deaths induced?". Then you must answer every question out loud to ensure you do not short-circuit the process - you have to construct a proper English response. This, of course, persuaded Aki that I was losing my mental marbles as I was having a conversation with myself. It worked, though. As I had a more coherent self-image to draw from, with all of the dots attentively connected, even questions I hadn't considered were much easier to respond to.

This month's music revival includes Hybrid; after discovering their debut album Wide Angle in Japan I finally got a chance to experience their followup, Morning Sci-Fi, which was well worth the wait. eMusic has also delivered Matson Jones to me; the furious energy of Exes and Ohs is irresistible. Make no attempt to resist, for your limbs will tear themselves free of your body so that they can violently lurch and twist to the music without hindrance.


I swear it's all Tim's fault, but I am now wearing a suit everyday, and few others at the office are, which I guess makes me a rebel, but a rebel in a suit, which I guess appeals as one of the more interesting contradictions of the new century; I realised what really bothers me about Prezident Bush, he seems to enjoy acting the role of a president, which seems not so far from the idea of having an actor as president; hey I also forgot to mention I ditched the old Canon IXUS in favour of a much more modern Canon Powershot A620 whose pictures are more vibrant, and also consume my hard drive at a rate faster than the Microsoft Office upgrades; we lost the mesmerising Andreas Katsulas and without him, there is no more G'Kar; you may also like the ten best sci-fi films that were never made.

Bonus Pictures

Again another month that has not seen much photographic activity; doctor, the patient is flat lining. From the Japanese web log, a pocketful of moments for your perusal.

Hardware Death Corner

And now, the latest in a series of PC components that have abandoned me for silicon heaven.

I forgot to mention that my power supply died of old age a little while back. As it slipped away gently into the night, there was a serious case of displaced pain as the BIOS became confused and told me, instead of having a problem with the power supply, that in fact my "hard drive is TOAST".

After I worked it out, I felt some animosity towards the PSU due to the unnecessary stress it had put me under and, in response, ripped it out of my PC like the evil cancer it was.

Joel holding power supply looking like intenstines