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20 Apr 2006: Halfway to Somewhere

I bought my first laptop. I did not realise there is such a range of sizes available out there now, ranging from the oxymoronic "desktop-replacement" laptops which require a desk and are not portable, to the sleek, snazzy ultraportables, which are also ultraexpensive. I almost went for Apple, but Apple are slap-bang in the middle of their schizophrenic transition to Intel: not a good time to buy. I eventually decided on the sweet and lovely Fujitsu Siemens Lifebook P7120.

Sweeeeet laptop joy

It's for writing when I am out and about. I am fed up with scribbling on paper and having to type it all into the PC later.

Watch out for the profanity, I've secretly sneaked in one major swearword this month, simply because I thought it was amusing.

Book Corner

Recently read Stephen King's On Writing, kindly donated to the Goodwin Writing Cause by fellow citynaut Anjen, which was nice. Also managed to get through Joseph Heller's Catch-22 (tried many years back but failed because its happy complexity means you can lose the plot if you put it down for too long) which was hilariously insane. And also read Herman Hesse's spiritual novella Siddhartha which inspired Radiohead's Pyramid Song; particularly interesting because its Buddhist-inspired perspective of the universe closely resembles my own.

Hammerport Corner

“Best of five,” grunted Graham, who was still not over the incident when Dog shot him in the back thus snatching Graham’s second would-be victory and sticking it so far down the jaws of defeat that defeat had retched up its pasta supper.

The following stories have been published since the last update: Best of Five, An Axiom Short of a Six-Pack (12).


So while I was in the dentist's chair, the dentist put on some classical music to calm me down, make everything alright, there there, but then he started drilling so I couldn't hear the music anymore and it then occurred to me that in future I would remember the music as being a warning that he is about to start drilling and thus actually upset me instead of soothing me, my beautiful Ludwig Van, and I wanted to laugh at this thought but I had a drill penetrating one of my teeth; later, the dentist asked me if he wanted to see the decay he had found in my tooth in the middle of drilling, I had implements in my mouth so responded "ahgk ghkha" and so he showed me in his little circular mirror my tooth, he asked if I could see the decay and I was spellbound by seeing my tooth hollowed out by a drill and thought nothing of the decay, simply replying "ahgk ghkha"; a recruiter that never got me a job sent me an automated mail saying happy birthday to make me come over all synthetic Ready Brek glow feeling like they care compassionately for me; as a birthday present, went to see One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, not quite as good as I was hoping, but the ending was just as potent.

Bonus Pictures

Holy crap, Batman, Japanese web log photogasmic.