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06 May 2006: Ambleside

Five days in the town of Ambleside presents one with a lot of pictures. As you may know, we are not the sit down and relaxing type of holiday people. It's always about moving around, touching things and holding alien air in the lungs. So here we are, our first visit to the Lake District. Maps this month are courtesy of Google Earth and my new handheld GPS unit.

Map showing Ambleside in relation to London

And of course I started back at JP Morgan Chase this week, working on a new team. It's only been a few days so far, I'll need a few more before I can moan about it with some authority. C'mon, I'm good, but not that good.

Hammerport Corner

Mr. Alpha blamed Mr. Omega for everything simply because Mr. Omega’s response to every situation was to blame Mr. Alpha for everything. When Mr. Omega had once yelled at him about not taking responsibility, Mr. Alpha had replied that the student had obviously learnt that lesson pretty bloody well from the master.

Since the last update, there's only been time for one rainfall of words to make it onto Hammerport: the start of a new seven-parter, Truth is Ghost.

Bonus Pictures

On the Japanese web log is nothing but more Ambleside pictures my Internet friends.