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24 Jun 2006: Unreliable

One minute it's hot, the next it's rain with a temperature drop of 10 degrees. The definition of climate is the average of the weather over a long period, usually something like 30 years. Climate change, therefore, goes no way to explaining the see-saw weather we are currently experiencing. We got ourselves a table and a couple of chairs to put out on the balcony but generally the best time to go out there is early morning!

Spent some time on the trading floor and the phone was just, like, mental. I wanted to phone a friend, but couldn't. All those sleek black buttons besieging a LED display. What the hell did it all mean? I was talking via the internal chat client with a coworker begging for help but he said one of the buttons was bound to work and put me through to a real line. I wasn't sure what buttons did what. He said, Mary Mother of God, just press something! Press the sweet buttons! There are only 33 seconds to the next attack! Press something NOWWWWW!

Movie Corner

Watch Syriana for a film that requires your brain to be switched on. No CGI fight scenes or simplistic explanations here. People, you need to take an active role in the film you're watching...

Also got round to watching a Japanese film that I had bought the DVD of towards the end of my Japanese studies last year. Casshern (trailer still available online) was unfortunately quite disappointing. I don't understand the point of making a film with a message that we should just get along but then fill it with mindless violence that seems to serve no purpose or plot. Well, I suppose there is purpose, but it's not good enough to justify all the killing that goes on. It also suffers from the inability to understand - as most Japanese TV dramas do - that dramatic intensity can only be appreciated through the use of contrast. If you insist on making every single moment powerful, then the dramatic curve of the film is flat.

Hammerport Corner

A rotten window frame had invited a howling, cold wind into the house, which filled the forsaken maisonette with unsettling, disembodied whisper. A small gap, a break in logic, a mistake in process: that was all that was needed for something to enter and penetrateā€¦ or for something to escape and expand.

The darkly comic 7-part Truth is Ghost has concluded on Hammerport. Something more serious is up next, the 9-part Paragon's Prologue.

Had the first comment on Hammerport too, but had to delete it. Someone was spamming the site with a link to "free rape pictures". Yeah, thanks but no thanks.

Bonus Pictures

Japanese web log pictures this time round are few and far between as I've made the decision to reduce the update frequency.