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16 Sep 2006: Venezia

My family went to Italy and all they brought me back was this lousy T-shirt. Aki, my mother and I went to Lido di Jesolo in Northern Italy for a week and had a good time, despite a ridiculous delay in the flight (over 5 hours). You'll find all the pictures you desire this month.

On the first day back at work, I read a mail from my boss to the trading desk. I'm paraphrasing but it went roughly thus "I'm on vacation for 2 weeks and in my absence, Joel is running the team." Welcome back dude!!!!

I am suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder also, because I experienced, for the first time, paintball. Mental impact aside, my legs and arms really hurt! I think I would have enjoyed it a lot more if I could have seen things, but wearing both glasses and goggles made sure I was completely blind for 95% of the time, as they fogged up nicely once I started sweating (which I started after around 10 seconds in the combat fatigue-type overalls). When I poked my head above the cover, the light would then scatter across the fog moisture and I would strain to see anything moving. Next thing I would know: splat, hello, there's a yellow stain across my vision now.

Hammerport Corner

The opponent looked up sharply at that final remark, the embers of his own dwindling fire glowing bright under the hot breath of the President-elect. His composure had returned. “So sure of himself is he with the simplistic beliefs of the black and the white, riding on his grand horse of smug righteousness. How loved the vainglorious man is.”

Paragon's Prologue concludes. A couple of other shorts. Silhouette and another story featuring Earl, Mere Conjecture.

Bonus Pictures

A single picture on the Japanese web log.