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05 Nov 2006: Dublin

We went to watch Les Misérables. I thought it was ok-ay, but the audience disapproved of my wildly underwhelmed behaviour, jumping out of their seats and shouting bravo and clapping as soon as each note finished. Whatever, dude, whatver.

The most enormous revelation that emerged from our Dublin trip was that we have another decent coffee shop nearby. Strange as it may seem, the cafe inside the London City Airport is (a) not that crowded, (b) offers decent coffee and (c) has an amazing view of the dock with planes taking off and landing. Why the heck don't I go sit down and write in there on the weekends?

Remember, remember the 5th of November. Except that the big fireworks over the dock were held yesterday and, after watching an impressive display from our balcony (woo-hoo to us, aren't we showing off) I'm all fireworked out now.

Hammerport Corner

“You can go far, you listen to me now, listen. I’ve never seen anyone file those tertiary communication reports as quickly as you can. That’s just hola-hello amazing. Look at me, now, look at me.” He pointed two fingers of his right hand at her eyes and swung them around at his, directing her, she surmised, to stab his eyes with a two-pronged fork.

This snippet is taking from an ongoing, surreal story called The Promise in the Cellar.

Bonus Pictures

Three Dublin specials on the Japanese web log.