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21 Jan 2007: Barcelona

Hard drive failure is similar to heart failure in that they can happen simultaneously. At least that's how I felt when my hard drive stopped responding, electrical pulses being sent through its dead circuits like a goner under charged defibrillator paddles. Nice metaphor. Anyway, after an expensive trip through the hard drive clinic, the patient has been declared well and truly dead but all of his memories have been supplied to me on a back up brain. It's all very Frankenstein.

Christmas was Christmas. In 2005 we went to Madeira but for 2006 we headed off to Barcelona and a happy time we had too. You will find a lot of pictures in this update, with a few Christmas-related pictures scattered amongst the mix.

DHL tried to deliver something to me recently, but as we're never around when they call, they took it back to the depot after no one answered the door. Fortunately there's a DHL depot around the corner from work. But DHL took an executive decision in the last couple of months to stop redirecting to other depots in London. So could they send it to work, then, even though self-important mail room sends me important-sounding e-mails that tell me "personal mail should not be sent through the mail room"? No, DHL can only redeliver the package to an address in the catchment area for the holding depot. My workplace is outside the catchment area.

So not only can they not send it to the depot around the corner, but they can not even redirect it to work because their depot doesn't cover the area. And there's no weekend delivery either. So I either travel to North London to visit their depot or take a day off for a delivery.

Wow, the internet economy in this country is firing on all cylinders. I can't wait to make my next online purchase. I know I'm very negative about the British service industry, but this is only because it's complete crap.

Hammerport Corner

“Plato had this theory of ideas.” God put the cap back on, dissatisfied with something. “He was bothered by how people could recognise common ideas or forms. For example, no two cookies are identical, but they are all recognised as cookies. They seem to have a cookie thing about them that everyone can see. How come everyone recognises completely different objects as the same thing?”

The Promise in the Cellar came to its conclusion just before Christmas, followed by a some shorts, Paradise Tossed, On the Seventh Day and Latus Rectum (from which the above extract comes). Currently, Mr. Alpha and Mr. Omega are making a re-appearence in the darker followup to 2006's Truth is Ghost, The Crane. Lastly, I should point out that there is one and only one copy of the following CD.

Almost Winning Writing Competition Corner

Yeah, I almost won an international maths writing competition. I've stuck the article and details over at Electron Drift and the certificate proving the authenticity of my claim can be seen on the Japanese web log.

Bonus Pictures

More activity on the Japanese web log than you could shake a chikan at.