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31 Mar 2007: Space

There is more to tell you about what's coming up than what has passed. Unusually for us, there have been no holidays so far this year. But all this is about to change. We're off to Malta in April, so expect a Maltese update in May. We've also got Scotland (currently in the build proposal stage) slated for the summer.

Also the weather has been a bit weird, dissuading us from walks and explorations, concentrating our minds on the more warmer things in life, indoor locations such as shops and cafes.

Time to step up the art quota going on here. Our third wedding anniversary came and went without hitch and we went to see Stomp. We did also go to see Ricky Gervais with Tanith and Chris on one of his Fame warm-up nights which had us in stitches I tell ya. Got a couple of shows lined up next month too: Coriolanus performed by the Ninagawa Company and Nine Hills One Valley.

I'm not feeling cynical enough to complain about something as trivial as DHL deliveries right now. Maybe next time, who knows. I must be going all optimistic in my old age.

Work has been rather busy. I took a day off to compensate. So on this day, whilst naturally calling upon the Dark Gods to take vengeance on those fiends responsible for this overload of work, I spent a significant amount of cash on new attire. And then I squatted in Costa for the afternoon and typed many more words into my laptop.

Hammerport Corner

Above the bone characters in the waterfall, the hungry, black smoke throbs and shrieks, the teeth in its yawning mouths gleaming. Its tongues shudder and slaver, lusting and sexed. This is what we made; know that we are terminal.

Mr. Alpha and Mr. Omega descend further into their personal darkness in The Crane, a 19-part story scheduled for completion in a couple of months. Off Hammerport, I am working away at a contemporary story provisionally titled Abigail which is receiving a great deal of positive feedback.

Bonus Pictures

Not that much going on the Japanese web log. I should be ashamed.

GTA IV Corner

Wow man, GTA IV is coming!