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01 Jul 2007: Jersey, the Job and Joel

What, another holiday? Yes indeed, Aki and I travelled to Jersey for a long weekend, had a poke around, and returned to tell wonderous tales. But wait, there's more. We're off to Scotland for a longer trip in just a week's time. But wait, there's even more.

I'm moving on from JPMorgan Chase to join a firm called Sanford Bernstein. It's a similar role, but not that similar. Looking forward to it - starting after we come back from Scotland.

Hammerport Corner

Two bullets in the head, darling. Two bullets blessed with Cloth love for you.

Mr. Alpha and Mr. Omega finish up their second outing; The Crane comes to an end. The first draft of Abigail has been completed, receiving a lot of positive feedback thus far. In the next few months it'll undergo a revision and then, hopefully, be ready to be submitted to a short story magazine.

However, enough of all that. I've actually been published! Libbon magazine published a story I wrote over a year ago called An Axiom Short of a Six-Pack. There's a picture of the said item amongst the Japanese pictures below.

Bonus Pictures

If the photos to the left aren't enough for you, then here are a few extra ones to be found on the Japanese web log.

YouTube Corner

An excellent series I've got into is Carnivale. Sadly cut down after just two series, we may never get to unlock all of its mysteries. The acting and writing is superb, and Nick Stahl and Clancy Brown in the lead roles are just perfect. Incidental music is restrained and it's full of creepy moments and great cinematography - the show just looks gorgeous. But, I betcha it was expensive.

And there's also Battlestar Galactica which has been around a while now. Unlike Carnivale, you couldn't really call the BSG music 'restrained', but Bear McCreary's work on the show is just awesome stuff.