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05 Aug 2007: Highlanders

Ever since we came to the UK, Aki and I have been discussing a Scotland trip. Well, we did it. On Saturday July 7 we travelled to Inverness (using City Airport to take us beyond Hadrian's Wall) and for the next ten days explored the territory. We also spent time at other locations - Kyle of Lochalsh, Fort William and Edinburgh - and pictures of each can be found down the left as usual.

Anyway, busy busy. New job is going well and I am flying to NY for Sanford a few hours after I upload this. Aki and I are also looking for a new place to live. Bound to more information on all of this during the next update.

Until then, stay hungry.

Hammerport Corner

Douglas was taking care of something else, staring at the wall above her. ‘Mood, Kass sweetheart darling angel, don’t droop my mood.

More conversation between Earl and God in The Identity Operator and a short stand-alone piece from which the above is taken called Thy Peeping Tom Will Be Done.

Some changes afoot here. Due to starting a new job and looking around for a new place, Hammerport is currently in a holding pattern. I have also just resigned from an online writing site I used to frequent. All change. All change, please.

Bonus Pictures

If the photos to the left aren't enough for you, then here are a few extra ones to be found on the Japanese web log.

YouTube Corner

I told you how much I loved anime a couple of years ago, praising Evangelion and suggesting you all go out and watch it, just to experience the same total confusion we all experience when we watch it. Apparently, they're making a remake called Rebirth but, just for old times sake, here's one of the many freaky Eva moments.

And I also told you how weird Lain was as well. So without much ado, here is the opening few minutes of the second episode. Minimal dialogue, slow pacing.