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31 Oct 2007: NY Edition

We moved house. So we're no longer down in Docklands, we're now out in the dark twisty forest of Epping, in a place between the pepper-flavoured streets of Woodford Zone 4 and the misty alleys of Loughton Zone 6. We live in an abode called Buckhurst Hill.

It's nice to be in the middle of forest but I wish I could get out more and see it; ten hours a day plus an hour's commute both ways, well, it's enough to snuff the smoke out of yer pipe.

There have been so many problems with this silly flat, though, that I could've written a whole story about it called Ballad O'Boiler and people would have thought it some strange, Kafkaesque fantasy. Anyway, we're considering... our next course of action.

Three months in and no change: still like job.

Hammerport Corner

All of the others up and down the corridor were already in prayer position, but also dressed, showered and deodorised for a day of lectures. Considering this moment was supposed to be more about keeping a healthy, personal relationship with God, he found it bizarre that a couple of the girls were dressed to impress in their prayer poses, as if this was the right place to hook up with a guy. Such are the belittled contradictions of human nature, he thought. The student’s girlfriend didn’t indulge in that sort of contradiction, of course, which is what had attracted him to her. But Bliss had broken that; now when he imagined his girlfriend, the words frigid and tiresome would bubble up from the abyss.

The student bowed his forwards and closed his eyes as the morningten jingle played over the dorm speakers. The recorded message began, ‘And now it is time to spend ten minutes thinking about your relationship with God. Remember, this is about you and Him. We all have doubts and fears and worries. This is your chance to keep things on an even keel, unburden yourself, avoid feeling ashamed of secrets that you’re not open with Him about. This is your morning ten. He is listening.’

From Paragon's People.

I am now orphan. I am not a member of a writing group. I am not a member of writing web site. It's just me, a laptop and a cup of coffee.

Bonus Pictures

Time is money, and time has seen only a single update to the Japanese page since the last update:

YouTube Corner

A truly smart take on the iPod adverts using Half-Life 2.

More computer game-inspired action, with one of Valve's comic trailers for their multiplayer experience, Team Fortress 2, that I have never played, and am unlikely to.