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28 Jun 2008: The Brightest And The Best

We went to Brighton and after we got back, bought a car, which some people would think was the wrong way of doing things. Anyway, you'll find hundreds of photos from Brighton in this update (at least ten) so get clicking.

Next month we're off to the Cotswolds for, probably, our only major holiday of the year. Aki's big bump just gets in the way of everything!!! 

Bonus Pictures

More rare photos from the Japanese web log.

Hammerport Corner

‘Clothmen are golems fashioned from the darkest of hearts. Most have forgotten their designated purpose, but a few of the Saints still hope to trigger something wondrous. And they have, they have, Ariadne, but it will probably unmake us all. There is a book yet to be written, our final religious work. One of its lines will be: Know that we are terminal.

In the Hands of Others begins with Hammerport's 100th posting. The Clothmen Mr. Alpha and Mr. Omega are back for their third outing, still hunting for the renegade Morgana, whose plans are starting to become apparent.

YouTube Corner

You will either laugh yourself stupid or be disgusted with the Happy Tree Friends.