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31 Aug 2008: Cots and Cotswolds

A record 22 photos this month. Most of them are of our trip to the Cotswolds - our final holiday before the baby bursts onto the scene and starts calling the shots.

And there's only a few weeks left before the fifth season of the Wire hits DVD!!! Yahoo!!!!

Bonus Pictures

More pictures than usual on Japanese web log.

Hammerport Corner

Fay kept her position. ‘You’ve got the nipper to think of now. You can’t keep hiding forever. The Cloth will find you one day. You’ll slip up once, maybe twice, and they’ll find the string in the maze that leads back to you and make good on their mistakes. So I ask you: how long can you keep this up for? How many days can you stay alive? Will you see Theo’s fifth birthday? Tenth? Twentieth? Grandchildren?’

In the Hands of Others continues.

In other news, the latest version of Crutch is rejected; seems my concern that it was trying to cover too much ground in a short story is real. Back to the drawing board for a fourth stab at it.

YouTube Corner