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26 Oct 2008: The Falling Leaves

I'm too tired to write anything here. No, really.

Bonus Pictures

Bumper baby bonus.

Hammerport Corner

His words swallowed in the crowd’s white noise, the tourists constricted him even more, cutting off his ability to speak. They continued to crush the Clothman until he could no longer breathe. His legs collapsed, but the crowd pinned him upright, a puppet amongst the many. Mr. Alpha drifted in their tide for a moment, then he slipped through them to the road surface.

From the tarmac, he watched the tourists swirl around him like the mouth of black tornado descending. They rotated around him, cameras bleeping and clicking, chanting: ‘The handle turns! The handle turns!’

The tornado closed in.

In the Hands of Others continues, really going for that weird, brain-damaged vibe that I aspire to.

In other, tragic, sad news, I have made the difficult decision to bring Hammerport to a close. Hammerport was born in 2006 as an attempt to get me writing on a regular basis. It has succeeded beyond my wildest expectations. I went to two writing groups as a result of my Hammerport efforts and hope to join another one in the near future, even though Kai has made the decision that I should devote all my time to him, the selfish sod.

The problem is that Hammerport has taken on a fearful life of its own. I originally just wanted it to last around two or three years, filling it with random short stories about God. But the stories became longer and I began several serials.

I know exactly what should happen. I know what happens to Earl and why God is talking to him. I know what befalls Mr. Alpha and Mr. Omega and whether they will capture Morgana. I know exactly how Paragon meets his untimely end and what the connection is between the entities Elvis and Bliss. I know what Mizzy's killer wants and where he will go. All of these story threads were meant to come together at the end with a shocker called Singularity Approaching/The Left Hand of the Equation, a sort of crowning achievement for the hideous complexity of storylines that had developed over time.

The Crutch serial never went beyond its first episode as I realised it could easily become a novel; I decided to not pursue the storyline on the site, to keep the story under wraps. But everything else continued. And that's the problem.

Hammerport's final story, at this rate, will probably make it onto the site sometime in 2025. There is just too much story in my little black file. And it's taking away my real writing time. Hammerport did it's job, it got me writing - but now it's in the way, stopping me from publishing anything.

So... sadly... Hammerport will probably just stop and never reach it's conclusion. But what of the stories? Will any of them survive?

Some of the serials, as they stand, do not work without Hammerport as they depend on the site story structure to make sense. Paragon may never continue, either, because while it has weird sexual moments, I'm not sure if it's interesting enough to continue all the way through. However, I can promise that Alpha and Omega will definitely live on: this serial has evolved into a living, breathing universe with a rich and detailed plot.

Whether anyone wants to read this tripe is another matter. 

GOOTube Corner

There's little time to play video games right now but something that only need occupy a few minutes of your time is the most amazing game of this year: World of Goo. Just watch these trailers, and tell me you're not enthused. It's brilliant, witty and charming - everything you'd want in a good woman. But it's a game!

Last year everybody was mad on Portal with the catch phrase "the cake is a lie" and loving their Weighted Companion Cube. 2008 is the year of goo.