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18 Dec 2008: This Time It Will Be Different

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A Healthy Tongue

Every baby has it's own thing, it's own set of problems.

Kai used to cry a lot. No, I mean a lot. He would be pleasant for a short period in the morning but as he progressed through the afternoon he would get irritable, cry at the slightest slight, and the evening was a rollercoaster of screaming.

Every night I would come home and that's pretty much all I would see. Kai crying. I knew it would all be temporary but, still, I don't think I was prepared for all my time with Kai to be nothing but consoling a crying baby.

It's remarkably hard to distinguish why a baby is crying if he is crying all the time. But we slowly put together the pieces of the puzzle.

First, Aki worked out that Kai was just awake too long, which meant that he was probably overtired all the time. When a baby is overtired, he can't put himself to sleep. We started using a dummy at that point to encourage him to sleep. This helped, but he was still awake for many hours in the evening and would repeatedly descend into fits of screaming.

An internet search happened upon an uncommon breastfeeding problem termed milk oversupply. When we compared our situation with the symptom list, we had a pretty high hit rate. Feeds are very short. Explosive nappy action. Feeds are frequent; baby appears to be in "growth spurt" feeding all the time. Very windy, almost adult-like belches. And more.

Armed with this knowledge, we set about attacking the problem. Within a week, Kai's behaviour changed. The shift was dramatic. He was suddenly more pleasant for a much longer period of the day.

And now, here in Decemeber, Kai is relatively well-behaved. We can even determine why he's crying most of the time.