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18 Dec 2008: This Time It Will Be Different

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This YouTube Is Some Good Stuff

I'd had enough of the 3XS PC I'd got from Scan computers this year. It had been more irritable than Kai during his oversupply days.

After the effort and love I had poured into it since February, it was still stomping its foot and yelling no metter what I did. Drives kept disappearing, corrupting files while they were being written.

I then killed it with a BIOS update. Of course, the BIOS update should have worked, but this motherboard was remarkable for being so good at being bad. This meant the PC was dead.

Having a baby in the house means that you don't have so much time to devote to the, well, "smaller" things in life. It took two weeks to research, purchase and refit a new motherboard. And then I had to install my life onto the PC again. What a joke.

Ah but my PC lives once more. Just in time for Crimble.