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18 Dec 2008: This Time It Will Be Different

You heard it before but they said it again. "This time it will be different." The non-believers were chided for not taking part, like standing on the side of the rugby pitch at a games lesson, a sicknote in hand. They watched the others build their little empire on froth and wondered how much farther it could go. And it kept on going like Babel's Tower reaching for the stars. Perhaps it would be different. Perhaps they were right. Some of the non-believers began to waver and learnt the lines of this new modern scripture. But finally, as was inevitable from the first day, the inflated housing market crashed once again.

Bonus Pictures

Only a smattering available from the Japanese web log.

Hammerport Corner

The projection flickers across the brick wall of his cell and 3152 watches a slim naked woman writhing on a naked man, lean breasts rippling against jerky vertical motions in crisp black and white. A soundless wail is carried in the woman’s round mouth as if in pain. 3152 touches the projected breasts as instructed. They are rough and cold, abrading his fingertips. 3152 is crying. He cries out for Mummy. He is the devalued one, the degraded one, the disintegrated one. And the pedagogue behind him whispers: ‘Angel is dark.’

In the Hands of Others judders to its climax. Now only one more entry remains to be posted to Hammerport before the plug is pulled.

YouTube Corner

The Dallas Guild, Goodbye and Goodnight. So long 2008, we will remember you.