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30 Jan 2009: Kai Is...

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Deep Snooze Syndrome

Kai? Kai is not the same.

You don't have one baby, you have several. You say goodbye to the first - the one who barely opens his eyes, sleeps all day, and looks like a sock puppet without the puppeteer - after a couple of weeks.

Each time the small beast sheds his skin and metamorphs into a higher form, a part of you mourns the previous incarnation. It's like Doctor Who with his twelve regenerations. I don't know how many Kai has yet.

The current incarnation of Baby Kai has cradle cap. For those of you unawares, this is the emergence of yellow/green scabs all over his head. It's really quite gross looking and there are patches which are sticky like some massive weeping sore. You learn to love it. Well, no you don't, that was just me trying to sound like the Good Parent.

Anyway, it's clearing up at last. But Kai keeps scribbling on his face and forehead with his claws when he's sleepy and trying to get to sleep. So we've got a bumpy and marked face to contend with for some time.

Ah, I mourn the old infinitely smooth Kai. Sniff.