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30 Jan 2009: Kai Is...

A picture

Swimming In Air

Kai? Kai is howlin' mad krazy.

Kai loves people. He loves going out. The way he stares at you, it's almost like he's sizing up a thumbs up or thumbs down decision over your life. And then he smiles.

Although we are lucky to have him sleep during the night, he refuses offers of long rest during the day. This means by the time he gets to the evening, he is mad. If he's been out during the daytime, he's well and truly exhausted, and he turns howlin' wolfman mad in the evening.

There's not much you can do at this point. He has been known to scream without abate simply because he's sitting in the wrong place. There are only a few things that can ease the situation and all of them require you to abandon dinner.

Ah well. I need to lose weight anyway.