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30 Jan 2009: Kai Is...

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The Last Metre Is The Hardest

Kai? Kai does not like being on his front.

Every time we put Kai on his front, he feels helpless, like a bug on its back or someone locked in an insane asylum. He then pretends he's flying. He raises his head, arms and legs up from the floor so that only his stomach is in contact with the ground. I mean, really, Kai, you are not Kal-El. You are Kai.

So when this attempt at levitation doesn't work, he starts struggling and whining. His head gets tired, so he puts it down so that he can't breathe and then he lifts his head again because he doesn't want to die. I'm not sure why putting his head on its side doesn't occur to him, but it doesn't.

Aki is making sure Kai gets practice at lying on his front every day. Gradually, he appears to be developing a rapport between him and terra firma.