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30 Jan 2009: Kai Is...

A picture

The Parents' Toy

Kai? Kai is tactile.

He is better with his hands now. Able to play with toys, grab muslin squares to hide behind and also stuff his mouth with fingers (all at once). That's not quite the whole story though.

You see babies learn to grasp early. Letting go is some difficult shit they don't master until later. Which means when they pick something up it may be in their hand until the end of time and the inability to release an object they've got bored with - even though they've tried shaking it out of their grip - can bring on the tears.

We have also observed him pulling on the ring of his dummy, teasing the dummy out deliberately then dropping it out of reach. It's very cute, but annoying when he subsequently cries because he doesn't have something in his mouth anymore. Whose fault is that?