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30 Jan 2009: Kai Is...

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Darling, You Look Simply Divine

Kai? Kai is noisy.

Recently, Kai has escalated his cooing frequency to somewhat obscene levels. He just can't stop cooing at this and that. He'll even stop in the middle of feeding just to relate something important. He'll cap it off with a smile if you're lucky.

In the last few days he has also mastered a squeal that gets unleashed when he is slightly bothered or seeking attention. It is not associated with crying yet it expertly succeeds in being irritating. Squeal one: How cute. Squeal two: Alright, Kai. Squeal three: Enough already.

There have even been a few tentative laughs. They sound fake, like a robot trying to laugh. But it's better than nothing.

Now Kai has to put up with two adults laughing at him all the time in an attempt to encourage copycat behaviour.