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30 Jan 2009: Kai Is...

I was never sucked into this spending binge of the last ten years. But I'm still being punished for it with the interest rates on my bank accounts being destroyed, raided by the government to save the banks. All these people and companies spending money they didn't have. The tipping point came and suddenly the debt black hole opened wide, sucking everything back in.

Some commentators speak of the recession as if it is simply a loss of confidence. The recession will end when that black hole has been accounted for. Not before.

Hammerport Corner

Hammerport ends with these words:

The sun holds its position in the sky while the tale is told. Clouds drift overhead in mournful silence. Mountains weep streams into rivers. The human herd sprays signals through the air while the scent of decaying trash floats on a scorched breeze. There are still ashes in the urn but something has changed: a broken watch is ticking again.

These truly are the days of Man, for it was God that made it so.

Not all is lost though; off the electronic page, writing continues. The first of four proposals this year is a mathematical science fiction short provisionally titled 'No Longer The Accomplice', originally sketched out around 15 years ago. I will also tentatively embark on the Alpha/Omega novel, one of the tales that will survive Hammerport.

YouTube Corner

Although I still believe that the awesomeness and finely-detailed complexity of the powerful Watchmen could not be transferred to screen, the trailers suggest they at least gave it a try.