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31 Jul 2009: The Lessons Learned

The moment is here, Aki goes back to work next week. Kai will be left with our childminder on Monday from 8AM to 6PM; Aki drops him off, I pick him up. The new regime. I'm not exactly sure how our new life is going to play out, yet another brave new world awaits us over the rise. I have had enough of all these brave new worlds. I want a tried and trusted, practical and warm huggable old world for a change. Although I didn't choose to have children for a boring life. Let me make that clear. Having children does not a boring life make.

I find time pressures continue to intensify which why I left the web update for last month. It just wasn't possible without doing myself a serious injury, and none of you want that. But I'm still finding the time to write once a week and hope to keep it going, because the writing muscle is far more fluid and responsive than it's been in previous years. It's just much more focussed since the zaniness of Hammerport was put to bed.

But enough with the twitter-less wittering. I have to go an watch In The Night Garden with Kai.

Bonus Pictures

Yet again, photos bleed over to the Japanese site.

Vimeo Corner

This video appeals to me. It was made by Clusta "an award winning graphic and digital communications agency". An even more high definition version is at FWA Theatre. The music is from Apparat.

In other news, the last Galactica soundtrack is now on sale in the US...