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24 Dec 2009: End Of Year

Never wanted to be the kind of person who simply uploaded pictures of their children, month after month. I mean, how boring is that? But the truth is, when you have children, you don't often have pictures of anything else. When do you think I have time to go hiking up to Everest Base Camp? Or exploring the golfing venues of Kenya? This is what you are left with: pictures of children.

Right now, being a parent is all about the little things. This is the surprise of parenthood. I don't think it's something anyone could have conveyed to me and it is certainly something I didn't expect prior to Kai's arrival. The little things. It's about spotting Kai lining up some toys, when he's shown no appreciation of order before. It's about watching Kai try to walk from a standing position for the very first time. It's about him climbing up onto a box, when you never knew he could climb.

A baby arrives with no skills and watching these talents develop, one by one, is absolutely fascinating. We are genuinely amazed when Kai achieves something new. It's all about the little things. At least for now.

Atari 8-Bit Corner

After recently getting all of my old Atari disks onto my PC for use with an emulator, I smiled when watching this Youtube video of the Atari 800 laptop.