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26 Apr 2010: Part Two

Okay, heads up kids - there's a new baby coming into town. He or she is predicted to make an appearence in early October, but I wouldn't be surprised if he or she decided to come early, just to screw around with everyone's plans.

Yeah, I had another hospital visit, a nice one. They invited me this time, rather than me gatecrashing their party. They just wanted to check things out after my previous gatecrash back in January. Nothing sinister was discovered so I hope that's the end of my hospital trips this year.

Not too much text to go with each photo this month, as I am far too busy darling to contemplate thoughtful, measured lyrics to match every image. But this is the internet, what am I thinking? The internet is all about 15 millisecond image scanning. Who has time for text? Not me!

Yo, Tube Corner

I've been watching Archer on Fiver. The series finale made me laugh so hard, I wept - no, really. I hunted down Aki and showed her my tears. She wondered what was wrong. Edgy dark comedy, clever writing and brilliant voice casting.

And there's always this, for those video game junkies amongst you. You know. Like me.