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30 Jun 2010: Three For Now

A cottage holiday in Sussex is just what the doctor ordered. Or not, because the doctor sent me to have a CT scan because they can't find anything wrong with me. The healthier I look, the more tests they send me for. Maybe I should lie that I'm feeling badly ill and then they'll stop prescribing tests.

In other news, Aki is getting bigger. This is apparently normal for pregnancy.

Electron Dance Corner

I have a new web site called Electron Dance, a domain name I reserved something like 8 years ago. It's a video game blog running since April that's recycled my Hammerport alter-ego Harbour Master. Unlike the bereft and barely visited Hammerport, this one actually has a small stream of visitors. I'm still working out a style, but the pieces I'm happiest with so far are Anti Games and The Devourer. It slips into pretension occasionally but I'll probably get a handle on it soon.

Through Electron Dance I've got to know a few people online who love games like myself: Veret, Kent & Laura of Second Person Shooter, Miles of The Machination. We're currently playing an exhausting and stressful game of Neptune's Pride, an online "4X" game. You can see a video of how it operates below.

And this damn game made me start tweeting. I'm ElectronDance on Twitter. My life is no longer my own.