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02 Oct 2010: Leah

A picture


Less than two hours after Aki's water had broken, Leah was out. You're supposed to have two midwives for the final push but things moved so quickly we only had one. This meant no pain relief either but it was so quick, none was really required in the end. Truth be told, we probably wouldn't have made it to the hospital if we'd waited for "concrete signs" that Aki was into the active stage of labour.

Above is Leah just an hour after birth. Babies aren't beautiful just after birth and anyone who tells you so is crazy or was on crazy drugs (read: first-time mothers with entonox and epidural). So I'm not expecting any comments like "oh isn't she gorgeous" because I won't believe it. Don't even try it.

We drifted off to sleep at 4am, beside a three-quarters-drained birthing pool containing muddy red water, like Dracula's bath.