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29 Nov 2010: Months of Crazy

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Kai has not taken well to Leah's arrival.

Initially, he saw her as a novelty but soon adopted her as part of the family. Not a day goes by when he isn't trying to get us to attend to Leah if she's crying. He has no problem with Leah herself whatsoever.

What he does have a problem with is the reduced attention he gets. We've gone through one particular week of insane hell where Kai did nothing but scream at the slightest thing. Don't want to eat that. Don't move my drink. Get me that toy. Give me a snack. I want to go out. I want your mobile. Everything you did or didn't do would push him into a terrible tantrum.

Although we have worked hard to reverse this trend, it's still a bit of walking on eggshells at the moment. I'm sure it'll work out in time, but for now, the months of crazy continue.