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13 Aug 2011: Rye

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Happy, Winchelsea Beach

Leah is a 110% positive person. She will smile at practically anyone and anything. She gets so excited just to see you. Kai did a lot of smiling and happy too, but Leah totally outranks him in this skill.

This isn't to say she doesn't get upset; a bit hungry or tired, and you'll get the long whinge. But still, Leah's whinge is far less dramatic than baby Kai's traumatising and demanding whinges were.

Leah doesn't really go in for hugs. I don't think I've ever hugged her since she was born, and she has never rested on my shoulder. From day one, she was pushing herself away and was never comfortable with just taking the easy route. She wanted to see and move and grasp. Despite this, she's a very physical baby in terms of affection. She responds strongly to being grabbed and played with.