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29 Jun 2003: Aki Finds a New Job

I've been delaying an update because I was waiting for confirmation, and that confirmation has finally arrived. Yes indeed, Aki has found a new job! After parting with Wilco recently, she is now headed for Citigroup in Hibiya from July 1. I didn't think it would take her too long to find something as she was invited to a lot more interviews than I had been!

Apart from that, life continues as normal. I met up with my friends from Toyo Engineering recently, as well as meeting a few new people. Also making some effort to get to know the system users at BGI and it's all useful for my Japanese practice! Speaking of Japanese practice, I've been trying to watch Mononoke-hime (Princess Mononoke) in Japanese recently and it is bloody hard. Perhaps I should return to the ordinary dramas on Japanese TV which are predictable and uninspiring, but at least I can follow them. I'm hoping I can start my new DVD compliation of Evangelion which is a lot easier on the ear.

I'm also looking forward to the hour-long conclusion to the impressive and rewarding Flash-based, graphic novel-style story of Broken Saints, being released on July 12.

More news as it happens...