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20 Sep 2004: Arrival

A picture

A Scattering of Goodbyes

Before leaving Japan, I said goodbye to a number of people, some of whom I know.

Top row, from left-to-right: Aki's family; drinking and karaoke with my fellow BGI team members Kong-san and Andrew Cook; myself with Jonathan Caetano of Barclays; myself standing between Nakazawa-san and Nomura-san.

Middle row: Aki and I are out with my Japanese teachers, Nishida-sensei and Terada-sensei; trading words over late coffee with David Crouch; Punit demonstrates his new mobile; Tomoko-san and Keiko-san join Aki and myself for a farewell dinner.

Bottom row: I look rather timid between Arai-san and Uehara-san of Toyo Business Engineering; having lunch with Tsuchiya-san; hanging out with Mark Piper; finally, sitting with more friends from the Wilco era, Michael Taylor, James Marsden and Andrew Farmer.

Apologies to those I didn't have a chance to catch up with before I got on the plane.