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31 Aug 2002: End of Summer

A picture

Daikanyama Address

Daikanyama, located on the Tokkyu Toyoko line, is another one of those fashionable districts where you can by expensive clothes and generally hang out in attempt to obtain cool points. However, Daikanyama is a little inconvenient for me, considering that it is two train changes away, so I don't tend to visit that often. As a result, I have lost many cool points in recent months.

However, there are some mighty interesting things to have a look at. It's best to visit at night, when the lights get switched on. Here is an open space at Daikanyama Address, not far from the station, with some pillars of coloured light and something resembling the diagram of an atom of the floor. On each pillar, Japanese passages are inscribed into the surface. At the time I took this picture, my kanji skills were very limited so I didn't try to read them. At least that's my excuse.