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31 Aug 2002: End of Summer

I hope Summer is actually coming to an end. The summer in Tokyo is blazingly hot and has plenty of encouragement from the ridiculous levels of humidity. Fortunately, the summer heat died down last weekend - albeit momentarily - and I had the opportunity to see some kabuki. I had a good time and would highly recommend everyone to go see some. And I mean go and watch it live, not on television. Just make sure your chosen kabuki play is offering an English translations.

Also in the news, I've been working at JP Morgan Chase again for the last few weeks. Just been taking care of a straightforward development, nothing special, and should be back at the Wilco office next week. Interesting to see how much things have a changed there over the year since I worked there last.

I've been busy but I have found the time to make some updates to Wander and now, finally, Intersect. Here are a couple of recent pictures and a variety of older pictures. As this site has always been updated infrequently, there is a vast archive of photos available to choose from. This time around, I've decided to share with you shots of Daikanyama at night, yet another vending machine and some more oddities from Tokyo's public transport system.

Last thing before I disappear, I've got the Go BACK buttons to work properly again. Still no progress on the previous/next navigation buttons though.