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01 Feb 2004: Forward Again

A picture

Rie Coffee

I came across Rie Coffee in a small section in the Japan Inc magazine that I used to subscribe to. A small business that imported coffees from around the world. They expanded their business to include a small coffee shop, simply to demonstrate what coffee was on offer. They make their money as a specialist supplier, not as a coffee shop chain. I thought I'd try it out in December and I was impressed.

I dragged Aki along on December 24 - which we declared to be our Christmas Day - and she was impressed too. I am known for my ridiculous blinkered focus on Starbucks, but the coffee at Rie is great stuff, extremely smooth. Rie Coffee is an incredibly tiny place, located beneath the Nishi-shinjuku Hilton hotel, but well worth the visit if you're in the vicinity.