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29 Feb 2004: Hokkaido

Finally, pictures of Hokkaido! Aki and I went to Hokkaido earlier this month, during the snow festival period, and had a great time. It might have been cold, but that wasn't going to stop us from taking as many damn pictures as we could. We explored Sapporo mainly, but did travel to Otaru to see another snow festival while we were in the region.

Aside from that, it's been quite a good month. I have been going hammer and tongs at this site for most of February. I can at last reveal to the world the new web site, which I believe has caused me lose more hair that any project I have worked on previously.

This new site contains all of the data from the previous version, and the address has changed to home.joelgoodwin.com. I have tested it on both Internet Explorer 6 and Mozilla Firefox 0.8. As I haven't tested using Opera, there may well be problems there. Earlier versions of IE and Netscape will definitely have problems.

If you find anything wrong on the site, please let me know using the address on the home page. The Google search is unlikely to work for a short period, until Google has searched this new site.

Exam Corner

Last but not least, it turns out that being ill and having no sleep did actually affect my exam result: oh yes, I failed. Third time lucky this year perhaps? Two of my friends actually passed though, and I've decided not to talk to either of them again. Misery loves company.