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13 Nov 2003: Hong Kong Rendezvous

For a few months, I've been living without a watch. By choice. I found that wearing a watch proves to be a stressful endeavour. Every single moment of the day, you're checking what the time is. The time is always the same: a few minutes later than the last time you bloody checked. It's worse when commuting to and from work, constantly calculating the number of minutes that could be used to your advantage, if you catch just the right train, walk the right route, and catch a group of overtake-able pedestrians on the way. On the other hand, it could be just me that has these thoughts. So it was with some distress that I began using a watch again this week, for our trip to Hong Kong.

It all started, you see, when Queenie told me about someone called Philip. Then, the next thing she tells me, she's getting married. And then she tells me that Aki and I are invited to the wedding. Who am I to say no...? Especially if it means a quick trip to Hong Kong...

Well, even though we were only there a few days, we had a great time. Here's some pictures from the trip.