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22 Dec 2004: A Christmas Toast

That was the year that was. Marriage, great holidays, country relocations, plans for switching career. A pretty good year, I don't really have any complaints.

Not even about how I managed to toast my graphics card in August.

Another Deceased Graphics Card

One might wonder what 2005 will hold. Well, employment will be the first thing to get sorted out! Aki and I are holding back from considering any trips until that's dealt with. I also hope not to kill my current graphics card with any accidents as life is too short to keep buying expensive hardware.

I will definitely return to Japanese study and hopefully be able to write better prose than I currently get Aki to proofread on my Japanese weblog. Perhaps I will be able to wax lyrical on the finely crafted nuances to be found in a modern piece of art, which would be an interesting alternative to the current scribblings that resemble Food Here Good. Enjoy Food. You Go Here Someday, Yes?

We're off to Wales for Christmas, so see you in the New Year. Finally, there are also some bonus photos up on the Japanese weblog for Oriental City shopping (Nov 27), Oxford Road Christmas lights (Dec 2), Our Christmas tree (Dec 12) and a house for Christmas (Dec 20).