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19 Feb 2005: The Winter Cold

A picture

Stratford on Ice

So after toasting my graphics card last year, I had now managed to break my glasses. My spectacles were four years old. You tell me, did they die an untimely death? Too young? Were they supposed to see so much more?

I went to Stratford to get my eyes tested for a new pair of glasses. For the journey, I had to wear my prescription shades so that I could see signs saying "Way Out" and other important landscape features, such as steps.

Being my first trip to Stratford I cannot tell you whether the outdoor ice skating in the above picture is a permanent attraction or a temporary device to illustrate that "we really can hold the Olympics in London". I  hope it is the former, because the latter is just far too tragic to contemplate.

That's all for this month, see you again next month.