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30 Apr 2005: A Sky Clearing

A picture

The Dryads of Green Park

In my second week of work, I was already familiar with my daily walk from Bank station to London Wall (I love Google Maps). One variation of the route takes me across a major crossroads of Cheapside, Queen Street and King Street and I usually wait for the traffic lights to part the way for me. As the green man popped up, I started to pace gently across the road. I was unprepared for the traffic anomaly that approached from Queen Street.

Three bicycles weaved in and out of the frozen stream of cars and trucks, blue lights flashing and sirens blaring. My first thought were that they were special couriers, but no, they were a squad of police cyclists. Uninhibited by the red configuration of the traffic lights they shouted at me to get out of the way - or something along those lines - and my gentle pace transformed into a quick sprint. My commute could have become a scene from an action movie, a pedestrian extra to enrich the scene; perhaps I could have dived onto the pavement on the opposite side, for more impact. My new coat wouldn't have appreciated the bravado however.

They sped past me into the distance, pursuing the main plot.