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22 Jul 2005: Unnecessary Evil

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Optimism In The Dark

Suspicious packages are everywhere. Stations close temporarily on a daily basis. Security alerts are constant. The police are out in force, on the streets, in vehicles and on horseback.

The messages are mixed. There is nothing to fear. Continue your life as normal. But another attack is likely. So watch everything. Report suspicious activity.

Despite the hype dripping out of every media pore after the first attack, the people of London were taking it in their stride. C'est la vie. A message to rally behind: We're Not Afraid. Then on July 21, a second set of bombings was attempted, but not at rush hour; the atmosphere changed. There really was going to be more than one attack. They really could hit at any time. They really could hit anywhere. While being told to live their lives as normal, while being told the situation is under the control, Londoners are thinking about how they might avoid using public transport and the tube drivers are also worried about their safety.

But really, wouldn't it be nice to forget about the trademarks and the ideologies? Peter Taylor wants me to watch him explain how worried we should be about the new dangerous al-Qaeda. I think the media is just buzzing with excitement that real people - not "nobodies from halfway round the world" - could be blown into body parts any second.

Enough is enough.

Go out and watch the sunset, have a beer with the special people in your life.